Footgolf is a ball game that is a mix between soccer and golf. The goal is to get the ball into a certain number of holes in the fewest possible kicks, and can be played either as an individual or double.

The game is to kick a ball from kickpoint and down in a hole in the fewest possible tries. The course where the sport is played often consists of 9 holes, on a real golf course. Every kick gives 1 point, and there is a limit on the maximum number of kicks (this varies from court to court).


NFGA’s vision is to promote and publicize a new sport in Norway, organizing it in a way that makes it straightforward to exploit the vast potential the sport has.

The sport must be a definite option for anyone who wants activity, regardless of age and gender.

And across all sports.


Contributing to the increased activity in all ages of the community. It should be a joy and opportunitie for all, and we shall secure conditions to facilitate the sport in a changing society.Also for those outside.


By 2015 have 30 registered clubs in Norway. (5-15-30)

By 2015 to have 5,000 registered players in Norway. (500-2500-5000)

1 player in Top 10 in World Cup

Official rules-click here